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WannaCrypt Ransomware

WannaCrypt Ransomware


WannaCrypt is also known as WannaCry ransomware and is the latest malware under ransomware attacks. One of the unique features of this threat is that it spreads rapidly from one machine to another machine, and infects all machines that are vulnerable in a network. This malware affects only windows machines that are vulnerable (not having the latest security patches).

It enters an organization's network using the old-fashioned method – as an attachment in an email. Once users download and open an attachment, it takes control of the entire computer and encrypts some or all files on the system. Later, it spreads rapidly using window’s server message block (SMB) protocol to other vulnerable systems within the network.


This vulnerability was first found in May 2017.


Wannacry has already infected millions of devices across 150 countries. Once the machine is infected, it demands a ransom in the form of bitcoins to get users out of the situation and recover their files and system. There is no guarantee that even after paying this ransom, victims get back their lost files.


There is no workaround once the systems are attacked. It is safer to protect the system and network through strong security policies.
– Always update systems to latest security patches
– Keep a backup of data in an encrypted format and recover them if needed.

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