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Lazy FP State Restore

Lazy FP State Restore


What is Lazy FP State Restore Vulnerability?

Lazy FP State Restore Vulnerability is present in Intel Core and Xeon processors. It resides in the CPU, and the problem leverages system performance optimization feature – "lazy FP state restore" in the latest Intel processors, which helps in saving or restoring the FPU state of each running application ‘lazily’ when switching from one application to another. Exploitation of lazy floating point restore could allow an attacker to obtain information about the activity of other applications including encryption operations. 

As per vulnerability reports “Lazy restored states are potentially vulnerable to exploits where one process may infer register values of other processes through a speculative execution side channel that infers their value.”

More details can be found at Intel-advisory link.


Noticed in June 2018.


Still no information on real exploitation of this vulnerability.


There are no workarounds as of now. Have to wait for a patch from Intel team.

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